M365 Virtual Marathon: Inclusive Meetings and Events in Teams

At the 2022 M365 Virtual Marathon I presented a session about how to run inclusive meetings and events in Microsoft Teams. Here I share the summary, slides and links to resources.


Virtual experiences start before we click ‘join’ and continue after we hit the ‘leave’ button. Use the features available to you in Microsoft 365 plan and deliver experiences that are engaging, accessible, safe and inclusive.

This session is for people who already have a working knowledge of Microsoft Teams but want to take things to the next level. If you are running virtual meetings, events, training, webinars and presentations then you will benefit from this session.



Inclusion, diversity and accessibility

Accessibility fundamentals – Learn | Microsoft Docs

Learn how to be more diverse and inclusive | Microsoft.com

Acknowledgement of Country and Welcome to Country – Reconciliation Australia

Accessibility Technology & Tools | Microsoft Accessibility

Meetings and Events – Teams

Manage meetings, conferences, and events with Microsoft Teams – Learn | Microsoft Docs

Meetings, webinars, and live events – Microsoft Teams

Security, Privacy and Compliance in Microsoft Teams

Accessibility support for Microsoft Teams

Make your Microsoft Teams meetings, calls, and messages accessible to people with disabilities

Keeping students safe while using Teams for distance learning

Manage general meeting policies – Microsoft Teams

Presentations – PowerPoint

Create professional slide layouts with PowerPoint Designer (microsoft.com)

Rehearse your slide show with Speaker Coach (microsoft.com)

Make your PowerPoint presentations accessible to people with disabilities (microsoft.com)

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