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On my blog and social media you may have noticed some beautiful artwork by Danielle Ashwin. I commissioned Danielle to create these in 2022 because I wanted beautiful original art work to complement my writing.

As I share more about my heritage in a public way I want to be sure that I am using images and art which is culturally sensitive but also reflects my connection to Country. As an artist myself I know how important it is to compensate creators for their work. Supporting any First Nations individual or organisation creating work and sharing their culture is a small and simple step towards awareness and reconciliation.

Danielle Ashwin – The Artist

Danielle Ashwin is a proud Tjupan Pinhi woman, from the North Eastern Goldfields. She grew up in the Wheatbelt, home of the Njaki Njaki Noongar people. She’s a therapeutic carer for children in care, a 1:1 coach and an Aboriginal Artist. Creating art brings Danielle a deep connection to her culture and ancestors and allows her to learn and share her culture with others. She’s passionate about making the world a better place hopes to help heal the nation to create reconciliation as one.

As a vibrant contemporary Aboriginal Artist Danielle creates intricate and colourful paintings in acrylic on canvas and in digital medium for private and corporate clients. Reach out to Danielle if you are interested in purchasing or commissioning her work.

Danielle Ashwin of Ashwin Aboriginal Art holding ‘Seven Sisters’

Danielle is not only a talented artist who spends her life caring for others she’s also family. As a child, a teenager and a young adult I would go by bus, train or car to retreat from the ‘burbs to the “bush” to be with my Uncle, Aunty and Cousins. As the years and kilometres and pandemic keep our family physically apart, we are still connected through memories, through blood, and of course the internet. I am fortunate to have this connection and incredibly proud to be able to showcase her work here and with my writing.

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Connection, family and community – The Art

Contemporary Aboriginal artwork.


This piece represents our elders, our Wally Pop and his 5 siblings and our extended families as their descendants.

Contemporary Aboriginal artwork.

Meeting place

This piece represents the connection water has to community, land and animals. It represents a connection as one and the importance it has to create life.

Contemporary Aboriginal artwork.


Represents the happiness, life, colour, and sense of belonging that our community, family, friends, support network etc bring to our lives. It represents our immediate family and friends, and the other support networks and communities we have in our lives.

Contemporary Aboriginal artwork.


Represents the different connections we make and have throughout different areas and stages of our lives. It represents the imprint that connection to culture, family, education etc have on who we become.

Contemporary Aboriginal Art.


Represents the different paths we walk throughout our lifetime. It represents the different connections we make along the way, our family and friends and the imprint we leave on the others whose paths we cross. It represents ups and downs, and the never-ending change as we move through different seasons of our life.

Copyright Notice

These works are copywritten by Ashwin Aboriginal Art and for the exclusive use of Rebecca Jackson (Subspace Consulting and

Reuse or reworking of the artwork is prohibited without explicit permission and they are not available for commercial use.

To obtain beautiful original artwork reach out to the artist at Ashwin Aboriginal Art or contact your local Aboriginal Arts association to support one of many First Nations Artists.

Featured art work is based on work created by Danielle Ashwin for Rebecca Jackson and Subspace Consulting. © Ashwin Aboriginal Art