Intranets2014: A chance to rock with the intranet community

This year was my fourth year at Intranets2014 and I was pleased to be there in a somewhat official capacity to capture the proceedings in tweets, blog posts and visually through sketchnotes.

This year’s theme of rocking intranet was carried from the opening keynote to close.

Ready to sketch

As with previous years there was a great selection of local and international speakers and a balance between theoretical and practical presentations. But without fail, the best part is to meet and learn from other intranet managers. In our day to day we are behind the firewall and the chance to talk shop and share rockstar stories.

Enjoying Intranets2014 with Jo McBain and Josh Patel.

For more on the conference check out the posts I wrote for the Step Two Designs blog:

See the Step Two Designs website for slides from this year’s conference. Intranets2015 is already scheduled for 20-22 May 2015, get it in your diary now.

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