Microsoft 365 May Week 3 #M365May

In week 3 of Microsoft 365 May we passed the half way point with a great crop of sessions and another full Saturday.

The best thing about week 3 was that we ran on Saturday which meant that I got to watch and produce a bunch of sessions. The worst thing about week 3 was that we ran on a Saturday so I missed out on a lot of rest time.

Week 3 by the numbers

  • 32 Sessions
  • 21+ Hours of content
  • 27 Presenters

Weekly wrap up

Moderated again by our video pro Darrell Webster. The wrap ups are our way to reflect on the week that has been and look forward to what is coming up.

M365 May Weekly Wrap Up Week 3

Content by day

I am grabbing snippets of content by day and popping them in Wakelet.

Day 11: M365 May Day 11 #M365May on Wakelet

Day 12: M365 May Day 12 #M365May on Wakelet

Day 13: M365 May Day 13 #M365May on Wakelet

Day 14: M365 May Day 14 #M365May on Wakelet

Day 15: M365 May Day 15 #M365May on Wakelet

Day 16-17: M365 May Day 16-17 #M365May on Wakelet

Stay up to date

Sessions are happening Monday to Friday and some Saturdays. The actions is being reported across our social channels and videos published to our website visit via the REgarding 365 YouTube channel.

Session info and recordings:

YouTube: ‘M365 May 2020’ playlist on REgarding 365

Twitter: @M365May

Facebook: Microsoft 365 May

LinkedIn: Microsoft 365 May #M365May

LinkedIn Group: Microsoft 365 May Connection


It’s hard to call our individual sessions or speakers when we have so many, but I encourage you to look out for some of the workshop sessions which featured in week 3, and also don’t ignore our sponsor sessions, they are much more than just a product push.

To top off an another epic week of content we were able to announce that Jeff Teper is our special guest speaker who will be joining us in the last session of our last day.

A happy snap from our weekly speaker drinks (Thanks Lyn Murnane)

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