Product Managers are from Pluto, UXers are from Uranus

This Thursday just gone I was at the Product Anonymous monthly meetup ‘Product Managers are from Pluto, UXers are from Uranus’. The meetup was hosted by Aconex who were most gracious hosts, opening up their kitchen and meeting area with beer on tap and more pizza than I can ever remember seeing at one time.

I really loved the set up for the presentations. Four companies talked on the topic, each with a Product Manager and a User Experience Designer as co-presenter. There was an interesting variety of stories and experience among the four companies but with a common threads. Here are some of my key takeaways:

  • The best product comes from Product Managers and UXers working together on the whole process
  • There are interchangeable skills between roles, relationships work best with mutual understanding and the ability to adapt
  • The user journey is paramount and the product will benefit from everyone being involved in testing

Here are my sketchnotes of the session.

Product Managers are from Pluto, UXers are from Uranus

I’m looking forward to next months meetup when I will be running a session on sketchnoting:

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