Sketchnotes from TEDxDocklands Setting Sail

Last Sunday May 3, I had the pleasure of attending TEDxDocklands as a guest and took the opportunity to get my sketchbook out and do some visual note taking.

Full disclosure: I was previously a member of the volunteer team, at TEDxDocklands hence being fortunate to attend as a guest.

The location for the event was great, Library at the Dock is a hub of innovation hidden in the depths of Docklands. Decor for the event reflected the nautical theme with lifesavers on lanyards, sailor hats, papercraft boats, and my personal favourite, mandarins to fight scurvy.

I can honestly say that I really enjoyed every single speaker and the performances. It’s often with an event such as this with a number of speakers that there may be one that doesn’t hit the mark. Not the case with this group. Each was an engaging presenter with an interesting story and lesson to share.

There was a common thread through all of the talks about using natural resilience to overcome personal adversity, ranging from using humour in times of tragedy to enlisting people power to achieve goals. My favourite of all the session was the last, from Dr Melissa Weinberg. She spoke about measuring happiness, how our body regulates it, and how happy people aren’t necessarily better off than the ‘unhappy’ ones.

I’ll let the sketchnotes do the talking from here, these are my visual recordings of each of the talks from the day.

Jeff Bollow about dealing with exponential change and how we should all write.

Jeff Bollow - Everyone should write

Rich Hungerford about how we are all drawn to nature, and the benefits of embracing the call of the wild.

Rich Hungerford - Dare to heed the call of the wild

Pinky McKay on the pressures of parenthood and how surrender is not a dirty word, for anyone.

Pinky McKay - Surrender is not a dirty word

Zara Swindells-Grose on tragedy, humour and how ultimately humour honours life.

Zara Swindells-Grose - Humour Honors Life

Wei-Li Wong about channeling her Queen Bee and how an individual can make a difference.

Wei-Li Wong - The indivisual is the difference

Dr Melissa Weinberg about happiness and that it’s OK to be OK.

Dr Melissa Weinberg - It's OK to be OK

Special mention goes to The Shuffle Show who gave two entertaining and energetic performances from their sell-out comedy show. We were treated to their clever take on the iPod shuffle with a distinct Melbourne flavour.

Congratulations to Tracey and the team who delivered an entertaining and inspiring day despite the adversity of a failing airconditioner and numerous technical issues. I look forward to seeing what their next event brings.

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