Duplicate a list in Microsoft To-do

I’m an absolute newbie to Microsoft To-do, but I have already found a very simple feature to be incredibly helpful – Duplicating a list.

I recently abandoned my beloved OneNote lists to embrace Microsoft To-do, hoping for an easier way to manage my day-to-date tasks.

After a bit of a play one of the first things I noticed was that I could create a list, then duplicate that list to reuse the items. I’ve now set up a template for one of my regular tasks, planning training sessions. I can duplicate the list when I am ready to plan and run a session, it gives me all the regular tasks on hand and ready to go.

I created a quick Gif to demonstrate.

It’s very simple:

  1. Create a list
  2. Right click on the list
  3. Select duplicate list
  4. Rename
  5. Use

You could keep template lists for any number of repeatable tasks. Although I could see that this could possible be managed in Planner as well, I think it comes down to complexity, audience and individual preferences. For me To Do seems ideal for this.

To get started with To Do, check out Microsoft’s guide:

I did a bit of a tweet out at the start of my To Do journey. Check out the replies for some tips from To Do pros.

Do you have any To Do tips of your own? Post them below.

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