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In the 9 years I have been a Yammer Community Manager I have picked up a few things that I see as essential. I’ve shared my tips in some recent presentations and now on the Yammer blog.

From my experience with networks of different sizes, in different organisations, at different stages of the Yammer lifecycle, I have pulled together what I consider to be the success factors.

Setting up for success: Get a good foundation. Even with an existing network, pick a starting point and run with it.

New starters: Nail your onboarding to enhance the new starter experience and continue the growth of your network.

Working out loud: Encourage the sharing of ideas, rather than just a broadcast messaging.

Culture and fun: Yammer can support culture and fun in two ways. As an amplifier for your existing wonderful culture, or as a catalyst to build and improve culture.

Measuring success: Demonstrating return on investment for your enterprise social network is critical. The effort of community management and unstructured content is often an enigma to executives. Measuring success will help you tell that story.

For the detailed tips check out the Yammer blog:

I had the pleasure of presenting this topic at the New Zealand Digital Workplace Conference and the Australian Digital Workplace Conference. See the slides from the Australian Conference for more references and visual context.

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