Thoughts and sketches from #ECTF16

Enterprise Collaboration Techfest (ECTF16)  was in Melbourne on February  29 and March 1 2016. The lineup included a number of my favourite international thinkers in the enterprise social and intranet space, so I was very pleased to be able to attend and absorb fascinating case studies and new ideas.

The high level themes that had a thread through many of the presentations and give me focus for my own work:

  • Collaboration is about people
  • Technology won’t solve people problems
  • Culture eats technology (and strategy) for breakfast
  • The physical environment still plays a part in the digital workplace

What I personally take away from this is a reminder about design needing to be people focussed, and an action to be less focussed on the tool and more focussed on behavioural aspects. Instead of dropping a new toy in their laps. What are we trying to help or change for people?

Here is a selection of my favourite concepts from individual presenters throughout the conference:

  • Collaboration is a human activity. The collaboration paradox is “the more tools we have the less connected we seem” – Dion Hinchcliffe
  • Are new tools needed? Focus on people and leverage existing tools. – Robyn Randell
  • Without the why (of collaboration) we’re just like chickens fighting in the dark – Silvia Damiano
  • 3 types of use cases to show the benefits of collaboration: wide, deep and replicable. – Sharon O’Dea
  • Think of it as a ‘Digital Headquarters’, but don’t forget the physical counterpart. Both are important. – Paul Miller
  • The group is smarter as long as everyone is contributing. – Sean Halloran

See more detail from a selection of presentations in my sketchnotes below.

More perspectives on ECTF16:

To add to the reading list:

Me, a bit excited to meet Paul Miller and get a copy of his book.


Sketchnotes of Dion Hinchcliffe at ECTF16. Today’s Digital Collaboration Tools – Connecting Everything to High Value Business Outcomes
Sketchnotes of Sharon O’Dea at ECTF16. Employee Experience Matching Millennial Expectations.
Sketchnotes of Silvia Damiano at ECTF16. The Four Key Pillars of a Collaborative Enterprise.


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