Feeling sketchy? Get inspired.

Are you that person who got told off for doodling on your work at school? Are you looking for a new way to record your ideas and communicate them to people? Look no further for inspiration than this free new eBook 143 Visuals to inspire you to take action.

Collated by Scott Torrance and Mirka Voláková it includes the work of 50 sketchers and doodlers with remarkable variety. It’s a great example of all the different styles that people have, and that there is no right or wrong – what better inspiration to get sketching yourself. Full disclosure – I am one of the artists featured in the book and all artists gave their work free.

It’s been out for a few months now, and proving very popular. If you haven’t seen it the book is available for free  in a couple of formats:

See this interview with Scott Torrance for more information on sketchnoting, doodling and the idea behind the book:

If that’s not enough inspiration for you… more on sketchnoting:

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