My favourite martini recipe, the ideal companion during lockdown or quarantine.

Quarantini Recipe

It’s a martini, but instead of a fancy bar, you’re on lockdown* or quarantine*.


Place your pre-chilled martini glass on your table or bench.

Select 2-3+ green olives and drop them in your glass.


In your chosen receptacle

  • 2-3 ice cubes
  • 90 ml dry gin
  • 60 ml dry white vermouth
  • A splash of olive brine


Vigorously shake until you feel the chill on the surface of your shaker.

Only a few shakes needed.


The contents into your prepared glass taking care not to overflow.


Consume in your lockdown happy place*

Repeat until your desired state of denial is reached.

* bed, couch, balcony, garden, bathroom floor…

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