Month four of drawing daily #todaysdoodle

For my fourth month of daily doodles I chose Sharpie after a little twitter input and with the idea that having a more simple medium might be nice for the month where I start my new job.

So far Sharpie month has turned out to be the most fun. I went off to Officeworks and invested in a few more colours and really enjoyed trying different styles and effects with the bright Sharpie colours.

In order to overcome the issue of Sharpie bleed through in the super thin paper of my book I decided to do each one on a square yellow post-it note. This added the challenge of a space constraint, and the yellow background of the post-it note affecting the use of colour.

The Sharpie bleed through on one of the blank test pages from the back of my book.

My favourite for the month was one of the more basic. Simply the letter C. Four colours and a typography C which I chose to do on day 100 (C being 100 in roman numerals). I’ve always been a fan of contrasting colours and it plays out so nicely here in the Sharpie colours.

My favourite doodle of the month 100

For the month of May I am moving on to Pigma Microns. I finally got myself a set after wanting to invest for years.

Check out my month of drawing daily in April on Slideshare:

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