Inktober 2021 – Week 2

The half way mark and week 2 of Inktober. Daily drawings prompted by the Inktober team which I am putting on postcards and sending out to both willing and unsuspecting recipients.

At this point in time week 1 postcards have started arriving in people’s mailboxes which is delightful. Day 1 was sent to Perth and arrived just shy of 14 days later. So far I have sent postcards to Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Queensland and the UK.

If you haven’t yet seen Week 1, check it out:

Inktober 2021 – Week 1

Day 8

Watch. Inktober Day 8.
Man peers over bushes he is hiding behind with a cheeky/creepy look on his face (from the well known meme). For day 8 of Inktober. Theme: Watch.

Day 9

Pressure. Inktober Day9.
Foot in a stiletto heel in profile. For inktober day 9. Theme: pressure.

Day 10

Pick. Inktober day 10.
Hands hold a paper fortune teller and a child looks up indecisively. Inktober day 10. Theme: Pick.

Day 11

Sour. Inktober day 11.
In four frames a child tastes lemon, considers lemon, looks upset by lemon, screams about lemon. Based on a popular gif. For Inktober day 11. Theme: Sour.

Day 12

Stuck. Inktober day 12.
Kitten’s face pokes out from the opening of a sock it is in. For Inktober Day 12. Theme: Stuck.

Day 13

Roof. Inktober day 13.
Line drawing of a roof with chimney. For Inktober day 13. Theme: Roof.

Day 14

Tick. Inktober day 14.
Cartoon character The Tick. For Inktober day 14. Theme: Tick.


Inktober was started in 2009 by Jake Parker as a way to improve his own skills and practice.

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Inktober 2019

I last participated in Inktober in 2019. I did a drawing on a Post It note every day.

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