Month three of drawing daily #todaysdoodle

Each month of drawing daily gets easier in some ways, and more challenging in others. Easier because I am in the routine of the daily task. It’s well before bed-time that I remember it’s time to do the days doodle. More challenging in that I set new parameters for myself, and I battle against mental block of ‘what do I draw today’.

My favourite doodle of the month 066
My favourite doodle of the month 066

In March I stepped up the challenge with coloured pencil. It’s not exactly in my comfort zone given I haven’t used it often and historically for not much  more than colouring in. I figured that because I was on holidays for most of March that would give me some more time and freedom to experiment.

By the end of coloured pencil month I had to stop myself from going out and buying more pencils. I was limited to the Faber Castell tin of 24 I had in my kit (gifted to me a few years earlier). I found that eventually the main limitation was the colours I had in my set!

My trusty set of Faber Castell pencils... now I need more!
My trusty set of Faber Castell pencils… now I need more!

Check out my month of drawing daily in March on Slideshare:

Next month I am starting a new job so picking something which will allow for quicker, low fidelity doodles. I’ll be using Sharpies on Post-it notes. Post-it notes because the Sharpies will bleed through my flimsy 365 diary, and it adds the challenge of a constrained area to draw in.

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