Inktober week 4

Days 21-27 of Inktober. I thought this week would be challenging as travel and events always knock about my routine. The bonus of using post-it and fine liner is that they travel easily.

Red post-it notes this week. Colour does affect the choices a little, but given they are line drawings it’s easy to look past the colours.

Day 21 – Treasure

My husband has been helping brainstorm a lot of the words. My first thought was a reasonably obvious treasure in someone’s hand, like a jewel. My husband suggested a list of things that I treasure as subject matter and, given I’d already drawn him,books was a no-brainer.

Treasure #Inktober2019 Day 21

Day 22 – Ghost

This was at the end of a long day. There were many very good lateral suggestions thrown around, but tiredness won in the end and I went for simplicity. The cutest Ghost Pokémon.

Ghost #Inktober2019 Day 22

Day 23 – Ancient

This was the very first thing that came to mind. One of my favourite memes and my favourite Ancient Alien Theorists.

Ancient #Inktober2019 Day 23

Day 24 – Dizzy

I think this may be my favourite for the week, because it has a personal edge. I was thinking of getting dizzy as a kid, and remembered that my brother and I recently introduced our cousins to the joys of swinging on a hills hoist clothes line. So much nostalgia, and those are my little cousins in the drawing.

Dizzy #Inktober2019 Day 24

Day 25 – Tasty

Another great suggestion from my husband. My ideas were probably too obscure.

Tasty #Inktober2019 Day 25

Day 26 – Dark

Sometimes I find that time constraints give the best results. I had decided on eclipse, but by the end of the night I did not have the time or effort to do it black… so I reversed it. I actually prefer it this way.

Dark #Inktober2019 Day 26

Day 27 – Coat

A very close second for my favorite this week. I mulled over this one all day, actively trying to avoid dress coats and going through several coating ideas. Then I saw it in my mind…. a coat of paint. I am really happy with the negative space on this one.

Coat #Inktober2019 Day 27

4 days

My last three weeks of Inktober drawings are here:

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