Teams stickers for Digital Workplace support folk

I am a fan of Teams stickers, but I don’t see a lot of people using them. During a recent project I created a few for my own use which I thought could come in handy for others. Note: Sense of humour is required on both sides.

These stickers are based on common questions asked of me, both during projects and in the day to day. Over the years people will call or message me with a query and these are my standard first responses.

It can feel harsh. And it can feel like I’m not being helpful. But (particularly during a project) having people self-service answers where possible empowers them, and takes a load off the delivery teams who can focus on critical issues.

Have you tried searching the intranet?

It is natural when people have a question, to go to the person who they know will likely have the answer. But, during projects we go to lengths to make sure information is available on the intranet for our team to self-service.

Have you tried searching the intranet – Teams sticker

You should ask that on Yammer

Our Yammer network is the home of community and communication. I have set our ‘Digital Workplace’ Yammer group to be for questions by default to encourage the ‘question and answer’ behavior.

We tell people through projects that Yammer is a great place to ask questions, and if people contact me directly with a question about functions, features or common solvable bugs I will ask them to post it on Yammer. Most people do which leads to the information being available for others who may have the same question.

That’s a great question, you should ask it on Yammer – Teams sticker

Have you asked a Super User?

I’ll be honest and say I have not used this one yet. But in our Change Network, Champions and Super Users play a really important role.

With a Champion or Super User embedded in every team across the business, people have someone they know well close to hand. Our Change Network may know the answer… and if not they know the processes by which people can seek help.

Have you asked a Super User? – Teams sticker

Have you tried restarting your machine?

Even though I am not in a technical support role I still have occasion to rock out the classics:

  • Have you tried turning it off and on again?
  • Have you tried performing an unexpected reboot?
  • Have you completed a power cycle?

It’s surprising how many things can be fixed this way. Owing (I have found) to how infrequently some people turn off their computers.

Have you tried restarting your machine? – Teams sticker

Have you raised a support ticket for that?

IT Support teams run and are reliant on tickets to prioritise, process, report and more. I also use our ticketing system. Any request that may require a technical solution or for me to complete tasks which others can’t, needs a ticket. This means I can prioritise my work, and things don’t get lost in email

Create a Teams sticker

Aside from having a bit of fun with your support responses, stickers are a customizable alternative to Gifs.

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  1. What an excellent idea! I particularly like the Yammer one, as we are trying to get our “Microsoft365 group” more used for asking questions. I will steal this – as I have to translate them into Dutch anyway :-)

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