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I’ve recently started using Microsoft ToDo to manage lists at work, experimenting with features and making it part of my daily routine. Sometimes it’s the little things that can make a difference.

Clicking around I discovered that I could add an emoji to the left of my list to replace the standard hamburger menu.

This can be helpful to draw attention to your list with a relevant emoji. You could just do your most important ones, or bling up your whole list. Whatever works for you.

Adding emoji

It’s easy to do (in ToDo). With an existing list or a newly created one:

  1. Hover over and select the list title
  2. Select the emoji icon which appears
  3. Choose your emoji
  4. Rejoice

You can also do this from the left hand menu:

  1. Right click and choose ‘Rename’
  2. Select the hamburger icon
  3. Choose your emoji
  4. Rejoice

Here’s a little gif of the process in the desktop version of ToDo.


This is currently only available in the Window 10 version of ToDo. I could not see the same function in the web version.

There are also only selected emoji available in the desktop version. Perhaps they are wanting to be concise in the desktop interface.


While you can’t at this time edit emoji in the web view. You can do it on the mobile versions (iOS and Android).

The bonus is, that if you do it from iOS you can add any emoji from the library and it will change. Android appears limited similarly to desktop.

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If you have any great ToDo tips for me I’d love to hear them. Share in the comments below.

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