How to: Personalise PowerPoint with your own sketches

In this webinar for Microsoft Reactor I get you started with sketching basics before taking you through how to use PowerPoints drawing features to add some personal flair to your presentations.

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The full webinar is published to Microsoft Reactor’s YouTube channel for you to watch on demand including auto captions and transcript.


Everyone can draw: Accept and embrace the fact that you can draw and that perfection is the enemy of you sharing your flair.

Tools: A quick overview on how to approach tools with a digital focus.

Sketch basics: Fundamentals to create basic drawings which you can practice and build your own visual vocabulary.

Presentations: A look at different presentation layouts, where you can use sketches and the pros/cons of different approaches.

PowerPoint: Stepping through the web, iPad and desktop features to draw in PowerPoint including using animation.

Accessibility: Making your drawings and images accessible.

Pic Tricks: Tips to shortcut your presentation sketches that feel like cheating but produce great results.


The sketching techniques in this session are heavily inspired by the brilliant work of Mike Rohde which I always recommend to anyone wanting to bring more sketching into their life.

The Sketchnote Handbook | Mike Rohde

Get visual and start sketchnoting | Rebecca Jackson

Draw and write with ink in Office |

Make your PowerPoint presentations accessible to people with disabilities (

Screengrab from livestreamed training. Rebecca looks bored. There is a slide which says Everyone can draw This means you!.
My face when you tell me that you can’t draw. Hot tip – Everyone can draw.

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