Global Accessibility Awareness Day #GAAD, at #M365May

May 21 is Global Accessibility Awareness Day, a day to get everyone talking, thinking and learning about digital access, inclusion and people with different disabilities.

Since my first intranet role in government I have been interested in, and advocating for accessibility within my own work. It is a surprisingly challenging discussion to have within projects about including accessibility as a requirement.

The team at Microsoft 365 May sought to have several presentations related to accessibility and inclusion so that we can play our role to share the importance of accessibility for everyone. Here are those presentations.

TL;DR Here is a Wakelet collection ‘Inclusion and accessibility at #M365May‘ which has our related videos and content.

Building a workplace for the next generation – Panel

Many of us are focussed on building a workplace for now, but what about the workplace for the next generation. Our panel of experts will discuss trends, challenges and advice for everyone to consider.

With panel guests Nevena Spirovska (Campaigning for good and hoping for better), Paul Warren (Consultant / Senior Engineer), Gian Wild (CEO, AccessibilityOz), Chris Varney (Founder and Chief Enabling Officer at I CAN Network Ltd). Hosted by Rebecca Jackson (M365 May Co-Organiser).

Panel: Building a workplace for the next generation presented at Microsoft 365 May

Inclusive design – the benefits for everyone

Presented by Greg Alchin – Inclusive design consultant

Our design decisions shape the ability of others to access, participate in, and contribute to on the same basis. They determine whether your audience is included and enabled or unwittingly excluded and disabled. In this session we will examine how inclusive design empowers you to:

  1. Expand utility through innovation
  2. Enhance brand recognition and value
  3. Extend market reach
  4. Enable access to state, national and internal procurement rules
  5. Minimise legal risk under Anti-discrimination laws. “
Inclusive design – the benefits for everyone, presented by Greg Alchin at Microsoft 365 May

10 Everyday Accessibility Features in Office 365 that Everyone can use

Presented by Brett Gilbertson, Productivity Trainer – Microsoft Surface, OneNote and Office 365.

10 features of Windows 10 and Office 365 that you can use today that can make your work more accessible to others and even to yourself!

10 Everyday Accessibility Features in Office 365 that Everyone can use, presented by Brett Gilbertson at Microsoft 365 May

Old people and their computers in lockdown

Presented by Rachel McAlpine, Writer. Speaker. Older.

In lockdown, some “old people” are surging ahead with new learnings while others lag further behind. The COVID-19 pandemic is a teachable moment. Now is the ideal time to drop those ageist cliches and help older people master technology that they suddenly want to use.

Old people and their computers in lockdown, presented by Rachel McAlpine at Microsoft 365 May

Content for everyone – Basics for accessible writing

Presented by me, Rebecca Jackson, Digital workplace and visual communication practitioner.

With some basic techniques you can make your intranet content great for everyone and improve accessibility. Get an understanding of why accessibility matters and practical advice for improving your content.

Content for everyone Basics for accessible writing by Rebecca Jackson at Microsoft 365 May

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