Month two of drawing daily #todaysdoodle

After my first month of drawing daily one learning was that introducing variety into the practice would add to the challenge. Hence month two of daily drawings I chose a different medium, graphite pencil.

In many ways this provided an area of comfort. I use pencil for most of my sketching so it’s a familiar medium. The challenge came in the need to keep them relatively quick and simple. Where I had time I would allow myself to go into the detail, but on the days where I didn’t have time I was challenged to find quicker techniques, or to keep things more simple and sketchy than I would generally be comfortable with. Sometimes going with what is familiar presents more of a challenge than you would think.

My favourite doodle of the month. Doodle 057.
My favourite doodle of the month. Doodle 057.

This month was fun, and I completed some doodles that I am very happy with, but I am looking forward to challenging myself with something a little more out of my comfort zone. Next month I’m going to break out the coloured pencils.

Have a look at my 28 days of pencil doodles on slideshare:

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