In Oscar Trimboli’s Deep Listening Ambassador group this month we discussed tips to help aid listening in video conferences which I bundled into a sketchnote.

In a short co-creation exercise a small group of Deep Listeners worked together to compile tips on how to listen better before, during and after a video conference. Oscar has categorised video conferences across three facets: intimate, interactive and broadcast.

To get early access to Oscar’s Ultimate Guide to Listening to a video conference visit his website and register:

The Ultimate Guide to Listening During a Video Conference – Register

Listening in a video conference
Sketchnote – Listening in video conferences

Oscar is on a mission to create 100,000,000 deep listeners in the world. One of many facets to this is his Ambassador group which I am am member of and benefit from the shared knowledge of a diverse group of people.

Oscar Trimboli | Deep Listening Impact Beyond Words

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