Camera on / camera off: Engagement and psychological safety within internal comms

I had a chat with Simon Terry, Benjamin Elias and Kerrie Hawkins about the challenges Microsoft Teams and other video calling/conferencing platforms have introduced a world where for some of us the camera is always on, particularly in lockdown.

Check out our video to get our perspectives as internal communications professionals and insight into how you can make decisions about when you may want camera on, or camera off.

5 Responses

  1. Interesting:
    1. if it’s a work meeting that pre-covid would have been F2F why wouldn’t you have camera on? It’s work!
    2. We need to set the rules of etiquette around this – does anyone do that?
    3. In presenter mode, have had to present to a room of 100, all with cameras off , so really difficult to read the room and change direction if needed without seeing people.
    4. apparently in zoom you can turn self-mode off so you people can see you but you don’t see yourself – this would be a great feature in Teams. – saw a tip about a person who opens sticky note app and places it bottom right to hide self view!

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