Enhance your communication skills with sketching

Visual communication is fast becoming a more valued way for people to express themselves, both in a personal and a business context. After spending most of my life doodling in the margins and drawing as a rare pass-time I was introduced to sketchnoting, which has allowed me make drawing part of my daily routine.

At the March Product Anonymous meetup I shared the benefits of visual communication with an enthusiastic group including Product Managers, Business Analysts and Developers. In the session I covered why visual communication is awesome and some tips for how to get back into it. I then focussed in on sketchnoting as a skill with my 7 steps to sketchnoting and then we practiced sketchnoting as a group.

The slides are available on slideshare and include the TED Talks we used during the session to practice, and a number of resources and references to further explore visual communication.

For a participants perspective check out Liz Blink’s post:

Thanks so much to Liz and Jen from Product Anonymous for inviting me to run the session, to Brainmates for sponsoring and to the attentive group of sketchers. Most in the group were willing to get their sketchbooks out and have a go. Here are some of the great first sketchnotes which they shared on Twitter.

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  1. Great post Rebecca, I always had the notion that there was more to doodling, thank you for clarifying the facts. I will no longer excuse my doodle notes when at meetings.

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