Ethics in Psychology – Sketchnotes for learning

Last week I began my psychology studies with foundational units centred mostly around the fundamentals of practice and academic writing. To help myself with absorbing the learning material I have been doing a bit of sketchnoting.

APS Code of Ethics

This sketchnote is a summary of the ‘APS Code of Ethics’ from the Australian Psychological Society.

Code of Ethics | Australian Psychological Society
Sketchnote of the APS Code of Ethics

Source: Australian Psychological Society. (2007). APS Code of Ethics. The Australian Psychological
Society Limited.

Making Sound Ethical Decisions

This skechnote is a summary of ‘Make a sound ethical decision’ from the Australian Psychological Society’s publication InPsych.

Making Sound Ethical Decisions
Sketchnote of ‘Make a sound ethical decision’

Source: Shaw, et al, (2013) Make a sound ethical decision, InPsych, 35(6),
Note: Member only content behind paywall


In creating these summaries I consider the ethical dilemmas around the use of the of copyrighted works I am visually summarising. I beleive it is generally accepted that summaries are not a copyright violation. I am also not producing them for monetary gain, and they function as my notes for the purpose of study. I have shared them to benefit others, who would need to reference the original works to glean detailed insights into the subject matter.


I am a first year student at Deakin University studying for my Bachelor of Psychological Science, majoring in Organisational Studies. This represents an output of my learning process and/or my own thoughts. It is not for the purposes of assessment or examination.

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