Doodle-le-do Melbourne is back

After our successful launch event in July, Doodle-le-do Melbourne is back. If you ever wished you could draw, wish no more. You can draw and Doodle-le-do is all about helping you remember how.

July wrap-up

The enthusiastic group at our July launch event produced a pile of beautiful doodles during their evening of drawing, drinks and nibbles. We saw fabulous Mr Squiggle-esque pieces, lovely speed portraits, some double-doodling and a collaborative effort of excellently crafted and illustrated stories.

Thank you to everyone who came along, grasped a crayon, embraced their inner child and spent the night doodling. Big thanks also to the partners who helped make the night happen, Queens Collective for supplying a fantastic venue, General Assembly Melbourne for supplying drinks and discounts, and Moustache Stationery for giving a great offer on their stationery box.

Join us for September Doodle-le-do

We welcome both new faces and doodle-le-do alumni to join us at our September event for brand new activities, drinks nibbles and conversation.

Get your ticket now for September Doodle-le-do via Eventbrite.

It’s great to be back at Queens Collective for this event, we thank them for use of their excellent space. Thanks also to the team at Brainmates who are partnering with us in September providing drinks and nibbles to power our evening of doodling.

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