My August of Art – Week 3

Just like with a written journal, the thoughts and ideas do not always come easily. In fact, at the moment, it can be really hard.

Some days I am just phoning it in. Because it is hard, after a hard day to think of something “good enough” to draw that represents my day when they are not all good in lockdown.

Saturday 15.8.20 Copic Markers

I spent a Saturday pampering myself with a well overdue foot soak and pedicure (treat your self). I played with some brush markers, which I need to practice.

Productive 16.8.20 Copic Markers and Pigma Micron

An energised Sunday saw me actually get a lot of exercise, drawing and tasks done… with a few drinks along the way.

Family time
Family Time 17.8.20

A welcome video call with my sister, BIL and niece. Not the same as in person, but still.

How was your day?
How was your day? 18.8.20 Palomino Blackwing Pearl

Today I just felt like the duck skimming over the water who has finally had enough of pretending they are skimming over the water.

My morning coffee routine
My morning coffee routine 19.8.20 Sketchnotes in pen

I have fallen in to using pour over coffee this year given getting to a cafe is a challenge at best. I love my morning coffee.

Driving Frankie
Driving Frankie 20.8.20 Staedtler triplus fineliner

The simple task of taking our rabbit Frank to the vet takes me out of the isolation zone to spend 30 minutes waiting in a car park while he gets his routine check up

Care package
Care package 21.8.20 Pigma Micron and Faber Castell Pencils

A surprise care package from a friend in isolation… the happiness lasted but the treats did not.

The days when I don’t feel like drawing, or the inspiration is not obvious, sometimes result in more creative work.

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