Inktober week 2

Days 7-13 of Inktober. A drawing a day for the second week of October and nearly at the half way point. Enjoying being back into a daily drawing practice.

Somewhere in my couch there is a lost Copic liner, my favourite. Not the end of the world, but comfort and quality really make a difference when working on such a small scale.

I changed up the colour of the post-it notes, just because. And I think I’ll stick with post-it notes and liners for the most part. I may drag out the markets. Maybe.

I am trying to avoid the obvious answers to word prompts to add some interest and challenge. Admittedly my husband has helped with some very good lateral options.

Day 7 – Enchanted

For enchanted I immediately steered away from magical temptations and thought about how a person can simply be enchanting.

Enchanted #Inktober2019 Day 7

Day 8 – Frail

Even someone who seems healthy can be frail. The heart drives the body, but also represents emotion. Hearts were on my mind on this day.

Frail #Inktober2019 Day 8

Day 9 – Swing

I avoided play swings, too a look at pendulums and then went back to the playground. I used to love swinging upside down… still do when I get the chance.

Swing #Inktober2019 Day 9

Day 10 – Pattern

I have done a few patterns in my own drawing time and doodling, so I wanted to avoid doing a repetitive type pattern. But there are many patterns in life and I thought of my Mum making our clothes when were were little and how cool I thought the dressmaker shears were.

Pattern #Inktober2019 Day 10

Day 11 – Snow

Falling snow, John Snow…. snow ice! I am encountering an unintended theme as I write this. We use to have a Mr Frosty snow maker when I was a kid. Loved it for one Summer.

Snow #Inktober2019 Day 11

Day 12 – Dragon

Full credit to my husband who, when I said “I don’t want to just draw a dragon” said, “Bruce Lee is the little dragon”. And so he is.

Dragon #Inktober2019 Day 12

Day 13 – Ash

This required very little thought as we are a pokémon loving household. Ash Ketchem. Although I did briefly consider Evil Dead Ash.

Ash #Inktober2019 Day 13

17 days

13 days down, 17 to go.

If you haven’t seen my first week of drawings here they are:

Here are all of the Inktober prompts.

I will blog again next week or you can follow as I post them on Twitter:


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