Sketchnotes from our Employee Forum

Recently I had the opportunity to bring my sketchnoting skills into the office to record the keynote presentations from Melbourne Water’s Employee Forum. Along with a large number of my work colleagues I was able to hear direct from Managing Director Shaun Cox and Chairman of the board Paul Clark about their perspectives on our vision and strategic direction. Further to hearing from our senior leaders we heard from David Chalke of AustraliaSCAN who shared with us interesting statistics about who we are as Australians.

The forum was a fantastic event put together by my clever colleagues Nicole Hughes, Luke Dykes and Anna Betts which sought to and I feel achieved the objective of engaging employees in an event about our successes and future direction of our organisation.

Special thanks to Shaun Cox, Paul Clark, Nicolas McGay and Nicole Hughes who gave not just permission but encouragement for me to share my visual record of this fantastic event with you.

Employee Forum Sketchnotes Shaun Cox
Sketchnote of presentation from Melbourne Water Managing Director Shaun Cox ‘Organisational Priorities and Context’
Employee Forum Sketchnotes David Chalke
Sketchnote of presentation from David Chalke of AustraliaSCAN ‘I am, you are. What is Australian?’
Employee Forum Sketchnotes Paul Clark
Sketchnote of presentation from Melbourne Water Chairman of the board ‘Perspective of the board’

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  1. How awesome! Good on you for taking sketchnoting inside the workplace and good on your leaders for enabling and encouraging it to be shared outside the workplace. And great job on the sketches too .. I’m inspired :)

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