Leading the Product – Sydney

Melbourne was amazing, and Sydney was even better. Another day of fantastic speakers, inspiration and networking. It’s so much fun being part of the team that puts together while soaking up all of the product management knowledge.

The themes of the day, aptly summarised by MC Rich Mironov:

  1. Separate what our customers want and need, from what we WANT them to want and need
  2. Cross-functional trust and collaboration, bring your emotional self to work, your whole self
  3. We carry around a lot of ideas of not being good enough, but when we share with our peers we discover we have the same challenges.

My sketchnotes and thoughts from the Melbourne event:

Radical product thinking – Radhika Dutt

Radhika calls bullshit on how we use Lean and Agile. Her proposition is that we use Radical Product Thinking to ensure we have a clear direction rather than just jumping into an iterative process.

Radhika Dutt - Radical Product Thinking - How to iterate less and build more @RadhikaDutt

There’s a problem in the bagging area – Sally Foote

One of the key messages for me from Sally’s presentation is the good old “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should”. Photobox have an incredibly sophisticated AI that can do very clever things… but customers don’t always want a computer to do the work for them.

Sally Foote - There's a problem in the bagging area - your customers hate your AI and what to do about it

Developing and communicating strategy – Bruce McCarthy

So much knowledge squished into one presentation. It makes me with I had done his workshop. I highly recommend looking at the LTP Blog for more information (link below).

Bruce McCarthy - Developing and communicating strategy @d8a_driven

The evolution of product management – Antony Murphy

Sometimes if can feel like product management is a new thing, but it has been around since the 30s. Antony took us through some of the recent changes to the role of Product Manager and how we can approach it.

Anthony Murphy - The evolution of product management - what it takes to be a great product manager in the 21st century

Placing product bets – Rod Hamilton

Rod presented a deceptively simple process for making product decisions. Derived from his own experience, centered around people and connected to where your product meets the market.

Rod Hamilton - Placing product bets - when to check, fold or go all in @rodjhamilton

Real communication, jargon and storytelling – Gabrielle Dolan

Telling great stories is essential to product management but not something which is always executed well. Gabrielle took us through story telling styles, what a story is and where it is appropriate.

Gabrielle Dolan - Real Communication, Jargon and Storytelling @GabrielleDolan1

How to solve big problems and test new ideas – John Zeratsky

From the man who literally wrote the book on design sprints. John breaks it right down and talks about what sprints are for and the best (evidence based) ways to run them.

John Zeratsky - How to solve big problems and test new ideas

The imposter within – Petra Gross

Experienced product manager Petra addresses the massive elephant in the room, our imposter syndrome. Through her own career story Petra shared 6 habits of imposters and her advice for beating it.

Petra Gross - The imposter within - conquering the fear of 'not good enough' @petragross

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