Use your skills to help – Working from home #KnowSomethingShowSomething

We are all in the same crisis, but we are not all in the same situation. Everyone has knowledge and now is the time to put it to positive use. Big or small your skills may help someone who is struggling right now. If you know something, show something.

Some of the REgarding365 team Darrell Webster, Megan Strant, Loryan Strant and Rebecca Jackson discuss where we can help.

“Let’s focus on the people who AREN’T working from home” #KnowSomethingShowSomething #RE365

“We’ve got a bunch of skills outside of our job that we can offer to our neighbours and friends” – @LoryanStrant #KnowSomethingShowSomething #RE365

“We want to rebuild the water cooler” – @MeganStrant #KnowSomethingShowSomething #RE365

“It’s not going to be perfect, but if you’re inspired to do something get it out there” – @DarrellaaS #KnowSomethingShowSomething #RE365

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