Add your MVP Award status to Sessionize

Adding your award status to Sessionize is a nice way to let people know you are a Microsoft MVP, whether you are speaking at an event, or looking for opportunities.

As a Microsoft MVP you may get the opportunity to share your knowledge at events. I recently used Sessionize and found there is an option to display your Microsoft MVP status on your profile. Nifty right? Sort of. It takes a few steps and I have documented them here.

Before you start

This post assumes that you are a Microsoft MVP, and that you have a Sessionize profile.

If you don’t have a Sessionize profile, you can set one up, even if you aren’t already committed to an event.

Your MVP Profile must be set to public. If you haven’t done this, it is worth taking a look through all of your profile settings and filling them out. You can choose, in most cases, whether to make the public or private at item level.

In Sessionize

  • Go to your Sessionize profile
  • Select the ‘Public Profile’ tab
    • Tick ‘Enable public speaker profile’
    • Set a Profile URL

On the Microsoft MVP site

Go to your Microsoft MVP profile

  • Select edit
  • Select Online identities
  • Under Other identities select ‘Add other identity’
  • Choose ‘Sessionize’ from the Network list
  • Add your Sessionize profile URL
  • Get your MVP profile link (I do this by searching for my name in ‘Find an MVP’)

Back in Sessionize


It can take a few minutes for the sites to ‘talk’ to each other, so you may want to wait 10 minutes and then save again to get it to appear.

Once it is done, the blue MVP sticker will appear on your profile and a verified mark will show on your short profile which events use to display speaker lists.

My Sessionize speaker profile with the blue Microsoft MVP sticker in the top right corner

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