After a thought provoking perspective on Yammer was shared, I came together with 9 other Microsoft MVPs to answer the question, Why Yammer?

The origin story is all about community professionals coming together and sharing knowledge on one of our favourite platforms, Twitter. Rather than leaving it there I thought a collaboration of the YamFam to answer the question of Why Yammer would benefit everyone. Even better that Peter was keen to get involved and hear our perspectives.

After a couple of weeks of document sharing, Twitter DMs and emails 10 of us came together for the final post. Collaborating with 10 people across multiple time zones is not easy, but the results make it worthwhile.

Rather than publish it here on my personal blog, I shared it on LinkedIn, the Microsoft Tech Community and REgarding 365 to reflect the nature of the community collaboration.

Find the post on your preferred platform:

Tech Community Yammer Blog | Why Yammer? Perspectives from community professionals

LinkedIn | Why Yammer? Perspectives from community professionals

REgarding 365 on Medium | Why Yammer? Perspectives from community professionals

And the original blog post and Twitter thread:

A massive shout out to everyone who contributed their knowledge and perspectives:

Peter Rising @PeterRising | | LinkedIn | Peter Rising | @M365Rising on Twitter | Microsoft MVP | Peter Rising 

Larry Glickman @Larry Glickman | | LinkedIn | Larry Glickman | Facebook | Larry Glickman | @LJGlickman on Twitter 

Becky Benishek @Becky_Benishek | | @BeckyBenishek on Twitter | LinkedIn | Becky Benishek | Microsoft MVP | Becky Benishek

Benjamin Elias @Benjamin Elias | @collabital on Twitter | LinkedIn | Benjamin Elias | Microsoft MVP | Benjamin Elias 

Kevin Crossman @Kevin Crossman | @KevinCrossman on Twitter | LinkedIn | Kevin Crossman 

Lonya D. French @Lonya French | LinkedIn | Lonya D. French | @LonyaDFrench onTwitter | Microsoft MVP | Lonya French

Dean Swann @Dean Swann | | @SDeanSwann on Twitter | Microsoft MVP | Dean Swann

Simon Terry @Simon Terry | | @simongterry on Twitter | LinkedIn | Simon Terry | Microsoft MVP | Simon Terry 

Ragnar Heil @Ragnar Heil | Linktree @Ragnarh | @ragnarh on Twitter | LinkedIn | Ragnar Heil | Microsoft MVP | Ragnar Heil

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