Win a ticket to #DWCAU in Sydney

I’m pleased to be speaking at The Australian Digital Workplace Conference (DWCAU) which is on in Sydney, August 6-7. I’ll be sharing about Success Factors in a Thriving Yammer network.

The DWCAU agenda is jam-packed with Digital Workplace and Microsoft365 related content across multiple streams to suit all levels of interest.

If you’re Sydney based or can get yourself there simply post below answering the following question:

What is your biggest Enterprise Social Media challenge?

I’ve got two tickets to give away. I’ll give one ticket each to my two favourite comments. It could be an interesting question, well written, a novel challenge, Yammer related, generally enterprise social or just funny. Surprise me.

You must be able to get yourself to the conference. Travel, accommodation and pre-conference workshops are not included.

Competition will be open until 5 PM Monday 23 July.

Congratulations to Joe and Jen who have scored tickets to the conference.

I look forward to seeing you at DWCAU, follow me on Twitter to stay up-to-date:

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  1. The organisation I’m working for has zero collaboration, internal social media… I even found the old old intranet that had allegedly been shut down in 2011.
    I’m going to need all the help I can get, to help with the successful implementation and adoption of O365!

  2. My 2c; given questions that I am facing and addressing at the moment. Not just within where I work but as a general concept that keeps me up at night. Damn those inner voices. :)

    The biggest challenge enterprise social remains to be to perception of noise and that the content and feeds are largely clutterred. How do we move from this perception to enterprise social becoming a core piece in the landscape of any organization. Its often seen and spoken to as an approach to keep millennials engaged but that rational in so many ways dilutes the value and benefits it holds for the rest of the organisation.

    How does an enterprise move to almost commoditise the knowledge created and the productivity gained from the use of enterprise social. Where we can almost quantify the knowledge that’s shared which is a step away from how we manage engagement at the moment. i.e. Reads, Likes and Comments. How to we measure the benefit of what is shared, posted to and conversed about?

  3. With the introduction of live events I’ve been running regular “Yammer Live” sessions with our people as a kind of get to know you activity. As with other things on Yammer, getting senior leaders to agree to record an interview live has been a challenge. Many would prefer a recording that was scripted and edited so that their most polished image is maintained. I would argue that showing their genuine, unedited sides in a live session actually brings some fun and authenticity to Yammer!

    P.S. Did you like how I’ve combined some ideas that were in some awsome Yammer blogs on the official Microsoft Yammer blog? For futher reading check out the links below!

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