7 Ts of Product-Led Transformation: Sketchnotes

Leading the Product has nailed the online conference experience two years in a row, bringing us the 7 Ts of Product-Led transformation. I was there as part of the Ambassador team to capture the insights and inspiration of some briliant product professionals from around the globe.


What is Product-Led Transformation? Why should we care about it? Is there a difference in the financial performance between companies that are Product-Led and those which are not?

LTP 2021 Keynote Bill Bartee
Sketchnotes of Bill Bartee’s presentation at Leading the Product 2021

Bill Bartee on leadingtheproduct.com


Take action from the definitive market signals that require the organisation to transform its current way of operating.

LTP 2021 Triggers Larry Diamond
Sketchnotes of Larry Diamond’s presentation at Leading the Product 2021

Larry Diamond on leadingtheproduct.com


Imagine success, and participate in the design of the Transformation plan with a strategic focus on being Product-Led.

LTP 2021 Tactics Lisa Tobin and Narelle Charity
Sketchnotes of Lisa Tobin and Narelle Charity’s presentation at Leading the Product 2021.

Narelle Charity and Lisa Tobin on leadingtheproduct.com


Craft a timeline with achievable milestones and metrics to measure and guide your team to success.

LTP 2021 Transformation Corinna Stukan
Sketchnotes of Corinna Stukan’s presentation at Leading the Product 2021.

Corinna Stukan on leadingtheproduct.com


Identify, recruit and onboard a high-performing product team to support the Product-Led Transformation journey.

LTP 2021 Talent Ken Sandy
Sketchnotes of Ken Sandy’s presentation at Leading the Product 2021.

Ken Sandy on leadingtheproduct.com


Seek out, lean on and learn from Product People that have successfully navigated their Transformation mishaps.

LTP 2021 Tell-tales Janey Wong
Sketchnotes of Janey Wong’s presentation at Leading the Product 2021.

Janey Wong on leadingtheproduct.com


Highlight and zealously communicate the Transformation Transition period to your Product Teams to maintain their drive and commitment.

LTP 2021 Transition Hugh McLachlan
Sketchnotes of Hugh McLaclan’s presentation at Leading the Product 2021.

Hugh McLachlan on leadingtheproduct.com


Explain the difference to your peers that Product-Led Transformation delivers broader, more beneficial outcomes than an Agile or Digital Transformation alone.

LTP 2021 Truth Michael Ayoola
Sketchnotes of Michael Ayoola’s presentation from Leading the Product 2021.

Michael Ayoola on leadingtheproduct.com

Bonus: Lightning Talks

LTP 2021 Lightning Talk Jane Register and Steve Bauer
Sketchnotes of Jane Register and Steve Bauer’s presentation at Leading the Product 2021.
LTP 2021 Lightning Talk Tasnee Gould
Sketchnotes of Tasneem Gould’s presentation at Leading the Product 2021.

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