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A summary of Assembly, a short contemporary fiction by Natasha Brown. TL;DR short, profound, gritty, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It reads like poetry and was an enjoyable 100 pages which I consumed in a couple of short sittings.

A narrative of the protagonists inner thoughts we follow her through reflections on her career and the build up to a garden party at the home of her boyfriends wealthy parents. The inner thoughts are raw and unfiltered, so it felt incredibly real and genuine. Perhaps this is why it felt poetic to me.

The story is one of intersectionality. Culture, racism, sexism, colonialism, ethics and politics, some of which I found incredibly relatable. That which was not relatable was refreshing and enlightening. I particularly enjoyed the snapshots into corporate culture and without revealing what I think may be a spoiler, the narrator has more personal challenges on her mind than career and relationships.

I feel like this book is a slice of Britain today that will stand the test of time as a historical telling of intersectionality albeit in fictional form.

Highly recommend. I will be keeping an eye out for future works by Natasha Brown.

Natasha Brown | Assembly Author

Assembly by Natasha Brown – Penguin Books Australia

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