Product Camp 2019 – Sketchnotes and thoughts

I am delighted to have once again played a small part in the wonderful Product Camp as sketchnoter and member of the volunteer crew. As is the case with a multi-stream unconference, I can’t capture all the things, but here are my sketchnotes and some commentary of the day.

Held on August 24, 2019 at Australia Post in Melbourne (awesome conference space by the way), Product Camp brings together new product people, established product people and everyone in between to share and network in an unconference format.

This was the 10th Product Camp in Melbourne, a wonderful milestone and the event did not disappoint.

Rich Mironov – Keynote

We kicked off the day with a remote keynote from Product Camp legend (he assures us it was not his idea) Rich Mironov.

Setting the tone for camp he encourages everyone to:

  1. Give a talk or contribute actively
  2. Meet 3 new people today
  3. Ask ‘How can I help’?

Rich Mironov - 10 Years of Product Camp

Antony Ugoni – How to be an effective analytic citizen

An honest session about the importance of analytics and how we can embed it into our work to be better product managers. 

Antony Ugoni - How to be an effective analytic citizen

Ben Jackson – How to help your team benefit from neurodiversity

An enlightening presentation about how we can benefit from neurodiversity in teams. My favourite insight, there’s no need to treat neurodiverse people any differently it’s just basic human interaction.

Ben Jackson - How to help your team benefit from neurodiversity

Sarah Mitchell – Women giving talks

Led by Sarah Mitchell of Brainmates, this was a popular session with lively discussion about the issues that women may face when it comes to speaking in public, and some potential solutions.

Sarah Mitchell - Women Giving Talks

Chris Duncan – Productivity as a PM

A packed session for Chris Duncan’s session, sharing his personal journey and insights in to managing productivity. Not just as a PM, but also at home. My favourite takeaway – “if it can be done in 2 minutes, do it now”.

Chris Duncan - Productivity as a PM

Georgia Murch – Feedback that doesn’t suck

An entertaining, engaging and insightful closing keynote from feedback expert Georgia Murch. I was left with the overall message that empathy in the feedback process is the most important thing.

Georgia Murch - Feedback that doesn't suck

More Product Camp awesomeness

Here are some links to summaries and slides already shared by attendees and presenters:

Keep an eye on the Product Camp website and channels for blog posts summarising the great sessions:

Happy Birthday Product Camp Melbourne

This year was the 10th birthday of Product Camp Melbourne, now a product management institution that attracts participants from around Australia and high caliber keynote speakers. A massive high-five to Liz Blink and Jen Leibhart, the powerhouses behind the event, and long-time sponsors Brainmates. It is an absolute pleasure to have been attending this event now for 6 years and volunteering for 4 years.

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