Microsoft Ignite FOMO – What to do if you’re not going to Florida

I am a long time follower of Microsoft Ignite, keeping across the exciting announcements with early mornings or late nights and recorded content. If like me you will be adoring Ignite from afar, here are some ways you can keep up-to-date with all the action.

Live stream

Nothing beats watching it live. Whether the live stream is right for you depends on your time zone and work schedule. But here are a few reasons why watching the live stream is the best experience:

  • First to know – get the news as it happens
  • Best view – no stadium seating, up close and personal
  • Commentary – as it happens on chat and Twitter

To get the live stream, visit the Ignite website and save the event to your calendar (handy button on the home page). The event is streamed from the website and the agenda is already available.

All content will be made available later so you can still follow up on sessions that you can’t view live.

Live streaming the entire event is a huge piece of work. Microsoft have live streamed keynotes in the past, but they are doing everything this year. Get an idea of the production process and scale with this interview between Tom Morgan and Jeff Tyler.

Social and community content

There are more official and non-offical sources of Microsoft Ignite information than you could ever hope to consume. It is worth taking the time to have a look at what is out there, and choose a few to keep track of that suit your topics of interest and your preferred consumption methods.

Microsoft Community Reporters

The Ignite Community Reporters work hard throughout the event to connect you with all of the great content and pick out themes along the way.

Familiarise yourself with these faces and follow them on social media to keep on top of their valuable insights.

Social media

Like and follow Microsoft Ignite:


So. Many. Podcasts.

I am a huge fan of podcasts for personal interest and business content. Queue up your favourites and listen to them while your exercising, shopping, cleaning, driving, chilling… whenever suits you.

There are a few which I vouch for:

And Microsoft have a full list for you so you can browse and queue up your preferred topics on your favourite podcast app:

REgarding 365

100% bias as I am a RE365 contributor, but that means I can tell you with certainty that the team on the ground will be sharing a bunch of great content as part of official and non-official Ignite activities. Stay across what they are doing on the blog and social media.

Sharing is caring

Even if you’re at home watching the stream, following on Twitter or listening to a podcast, don’ forget to share your thoughts and opinions.

  • Share links to content you enjoyed
  • Let people know about important updates
  • Tell people what you think about sessions

If you know of other great ways to engage in Microsoft Ignite from the comfort of your home or office, please share in the comments below and tell your friends.

FOMO Defined

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