Put your own mask on first before helping others – Working from home

The entire world is undergoing change. We need to look out for each other, but you can’t help anyone if you haven’t helped yourself first. Make sure you, your family and your friends are okay before moving further out to help other people.

Some of the REgarding365 team (Darrell Webster, Megan Strant, Loryan Strant and Rebecca Jackson) talk about caring for yourself during stressful times and Putting your oxygen mask on first.

“Everyone has different scenarios and different support structures… don’t forget about our personal space” – @LoryanStrant #RE365 #YourOxygenMaskFirst #MentalHealth

“Think about the way your work, and maybe others as well. Shutting the digital office door.” – @MeganStrant #RE365 #YourOxygenMaskFirst

“You are hyper-connected, push back. You do not know how to multi-task. Let’s be honest. And we will react under this kind of pressure” – @DarrellaaS #RE365 #YourOxygenMaskFirst

“I’m finding that my digital space is being invaded…not just with work…but also in my personal time I’m feeling really overwhelmed.” #RE365 #YourOxygenMaskFirst #DigitalOverload

Take a look at Kevin Lawrence’s site to learn more about Your Oxygen Mask First. A great book which I have read, I try to use, and am not paid to recommend.

Megan mentioned The Third Space. Here is a video explanation.

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