The Digital Workplace Day Tweetathon

With so many digital events happening at the moment I really enjoy engaging in something different. I am pleased to be featuring on a panel as part of The Digital Workplace Tweetathon. A 24 hour conversation about the digital workplace.

The tweetathon begins at 4 AM ET (7 PM AEDT) on October 6 and the last session is at 3 AM ET (6 PM AEDT) on October 7.

I will be participating in a panel in the last session ‘Avoiding burnout in a digital workplace‘ at 3 AM ET (6 PM AEDT) on October 7.

Join me, Abhijit Bhaduri and James Brown as we share our thoughts on:

  • Why do employees experience burnout more often in digital environments?
  • What are the best ways you’ve seen companies help people avoid burnout?
  • Does unlimited PTO help avoid burnout, or does it make it harder to actually take it?
  • Is a four day workweek a step in the right direction, or not?

Register at and follow the twitter action at #DigitalWorkplaceDay.

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