Avoiding burnout in a digital workplace – #DigitalWorkplaceDay 2020

The Digital Workplace Day on the 6th of October is a celebration of everything the digital workplace represents. I joined a panel on their tweet-a-thon to discuss ‘Avoiding burnout in a digital workplace’.

With fellow panelists Abhijit Bhaduri and James Brown I shared video responses and tweets about one of the big digital workplace challenges of 2020.

We were hour 24 of 24 in this epi tweet-a-thon. It was great fun ‘e-meeting’ the other panelists and tweeting along with the Digital Workplace Day participants.

Why do employees experience burnout more often in digital environments?

What are the best ways you’ve seen companies help people avoid burnout?

Does unlimited PTO help avoid burnout, or does it make it harder to actually take it?

Is a four day workweek a step in the right direction, or not?

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