4 reasons you need a test group in Yammer – Yammer blog

If you are a community manager, Yambassador, communicator or IT support, have a place in your Yammer network for testing will be of benefit to you.

In my third post for the Yammer blog I put forward 4 reasons you need a test group in Yammer.

  1. Check how your post will display
  2. Get feedback from your peers
  3. Play with new features
  4. Training and support

Get all the details and how you can set up your own on the Yammer blog:

Thanks goes to fellow Yammer bloggers Matthew Dodd, Jason Soo and Becky Benishek for sharing screenshots and extra tips. The Yammer Blogger network is a truly collaborative community. Love the YamFam.

For further discussion about Yammer test groups, private groups and the awesome Yammer Blogger community have a look at these interviews by REgarding365‘s Darrell Webster.

Jason Soo on ‘Groups for testing and training in Yammer’

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