Digital Leadership Panel – highlights and sketchnotes #disruptmelb

While many organisations are working through what it means to be a digital workplace, are many thinking about what it means to be a digital leader. With it’s many tools and challenges, the digital workplace is here, but it could be leadership which makes the difference between average and awesome.

At the Digital Leadership Panel on Wednesday 28 March presented by Ripple Effect Group and hosted by ANZ in Docklands, digital workplace leaders discussed the topic:


The digital workplace is more than just tools. It’s the new way of doing things, but it doesn’t change the basics of how humans interact.

We want leaders who are authentic, timely and consistent. The digital workplace can facilitate this.

Trust is key – earning it, building it, having it.

Critical thinking is more important than ever. Read widely. Seek out views that don’t match your own.

Return on investment is more about opportunity cost, than financial gain. What is the value?


Digital Workplace Leadership Panel


Tweets captured from the Melbourne event:

Tweets from the Sydney event:

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