Digital Workplace Horror Stories

In the horror year that is 2020, what are the tricks and treats that have
helped organisations survive and thrive?

On October 28 I joined ResponsiveOrg for a Halloween special to look at the horrors that we’ve tackled in our digital workplaces from Ghostwriting to technological terror.

On the panel sharing horror stories:

We had a great conversation with each other and meeting participants talking about horror stories like ghostwriting, yampires, COVID and what the future may bring.

Check out ‘Surviving Digital Workplace “Horror Stories”‘ on YouTube. With thanks to sponsors Engage², onepoint and SWOOP.


Community events for the ResponsiveOrg are coordinated in collaboration
with other Responsive thinkers across Australia, like Engage Squared,
Swoop Analytics and one point. is an independent global community committed to creating
and growing Responsive Organisations and enabling a fundamental shift in
our way of working and organising.  Responsive Organisations are designed
to thrive in less predictable environments by balancing the following

  • More Predictable <-> Less Predictable
  • Profit <-> Purpose
  • Hierarchies <-> Networks
  • Controlling <-> Empowering
  • Planning <-> Experimentation
  • Privacy <-> Transparency

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