Sketching the docs at Microsoft MVP Summit

There were some great sketching opportunities at Microsoft MVP Summit this year. Most content is under NDA but here is some sketchy content including great sketchnoting tips and info that I can share.

Me as a Sketchnote

As part of MVP Summit, many of us in the community answered the call for pictures and videos about us and our MVP story. It’s a quick sketch with voice over, about me, my MVP journey and what I love to do. Thanks to our Community Program Manager, Shiva Ford, for encouraging me to create it.

Nitya’s summary of Jeff’s keynote

The event keynote was presented by Jeff Sandquist, featuring his doggos just off camera. Nitya Narasimhan captured his keynote in sketchnote form.

SketchTheDocs Session by Nitya

On the last day of MVP Summit there were 2 community sessions presented by Nitya. In the first session Luise Freese joined to moderate and share her sketchnoting journey. I joined Nitya in the second session to do the same in the APAC timezone. The following deck contains her great tips for using sketchnoting to tell stories.

Visual Storytelling for Tech: Let Me Draw You A Picture – Nitya Narasimhan – Nitya’s sketchnotes

SketchTheDocs Sketchnotes!

I love it when you can see multiple sketchnotes of one presentation, to compare and contrast how people interpreted it visually. Even more so when it’s all meta and people are sketchnoting in a presentation about sketchnoting!

Here are some of the sketchnotes created and shared during both of the sessions.

Dr Neil chose to go digital for his sketchnotes (OneNote at a guess) and made great use of colour and icons, among the other elements he has taken away from Nitya’s sesssion.

Sketchnotes by Dr Neil Roodyn Microsoft Regional Director.

Laura has sketched on paper in portrait format using a lovely variety of containers to highlight ideas and some eye catching icons.

Sketchnotes by Laura Graham-Brown Business Applications MVP

Elaiza has also sketched in her paper notebook in landscape, her popcorn / brainstorm style layout really makes her key points clear, and I love the iconography across the top.

Sketchnote by Elaiza Benitez, Business Applications MVP

Éric used a paper notebook in portrait. I love that he has focused on key messages with clear containers and connectors.

Sketchnotes by Éric Sauvé Business Applications MVP.

My SketchTheDocs sketchnote

I sketched along with the rest of the participants using Procreate on iPad. I love Procreate because I can export and playback the sketches as little animations.


Here is a list of resources shared during the SketchTheDocs sessions at MVP Summit:

The Uptake Podcast: Episode 5, The Sketchnote Challenge – Microsoft Tech Community

[The Uptake Podcast] Guest Speaker Spotlight: Rebecca Jackson – Microsoft Tech Community

[The Uptake Podcast] Guest Speaker Spotlight: Luise Freese – Microsoft Tech Community

How Sketchnoting Can Help with ‘Zoom Fatigue,’ Student Agency and Building Relationships – KQED

The Doodle Revolution – Sunni Brown

Noun Project (Free Icons & Stock Photos)

#VisualizeIt – DEV Community

Sketchnotes and FunctionalDrawing (not only) for Consultants and IT Pros (

Draw Your Big Idea – Heather Willems

Dan Roam’s books, including Draw to Win

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