Podcast addict – What I’m listening to July 2019

Public transport, shopping, walking or cleaning the house – I love an excuse to put in the earbuds and indulge in a podcast. Here are some of the podcasts I am listening to at the moment.

I currently have about 40 podcasts which I am currently or regularly listening to depending on my mood and what I am doing.

If you are listening to something interesting, different or stimulating which you recommend, please use the comments.

Word nerd – The Allusionist

I have been listening to The Allusionist for a while now. It’s a must for language fans as each episode explores the history and usage of an aspect of the spoken or written word. I especially enjoy that it takes a pragmatic view which allows for language as an evolving subject, not necessarily bound by rules.

I was delighted that creator Helen Zaltzman and her musical partner-in-crime Martin Austwick toured Australia recently and I was able to catch the show with a front row seat in Melbourne.

Favourite episode so far:

For the foodies – Gastropod

Not a cooking show in podcast format, but a fascinating exploration into the history and science around common and uncommon foods of the world. The hosts Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley thoroughly explore each aspect of the topic with such enthusiasm that I feel like I am right there with them (and often wishing I was).

Favourite episode so far:

True crime – Australian True Crime

It feels a little wrong to self identify as a True Crime enthusiast, but if you are like me and are fascinated by crime then Australian True Crime podcast with Meschel Laurie and Emily Webb is one of the best I can recommend. The content is clearly Australia focussed and features a variety of cases with some interesting recurring guests.

Favourite episode so far:

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