The shift from strategic to tactical learning – Working from home

The mass shift to working from home has been a big change for workers, but also a change for practitioners. Technology, communications, digital workplace and change management practitioners have had to pivot and re-focus.

Here is some advice from some of the REgarding365 team Darrell Webster, Megan Strant, Loryan Strant and Rebecca Jackson.

“We need to deploy NOW” – @LoryanStrant The shift from strategic to tactical with #RE365 #WorkingFromHome #DigitalWorkplace

“Longer term views have to shelf, what can we do now to help customers” – @MeganStrant #RE365 #WorkingFromHome #DigitalWorkplace

“We are set up with our current technology, we are in a crisis, why would we push to [change]” #RE365 #WorkingFromHome #DigitalWorkplace

“One of your tactics, above all, be a human” – @DarrellaaS #RE365 #WorkingFromHome #DigitalWorkplace

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