Webinar: Using Post On Behalf Of? Tread with caution!

Yammer’s new Post on behalf of feature is polarising among Yammer aficionados and internal communications professionals. I’m looking forward to chatting with the team at SWOOP and friend Simon Terry about the pros and cons of PoBo.

To get up to speed on the topic take a look at my previous blog posts including a video with fellow MVPs Ben Elias and Simon Terry.

Authenticity and trust in enterprise communities

Post on behalf in Yammer – Proceed with caution

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Using Post On Behalf Of? Tread with caution!


Thursday, 30 September 2021, 11:30 AM – 12:00 PM AEST


SWOOP Analytics

Event description

Yammer recently launched its ‘Post On Behalf Of’ feature, with the purpose of streamlining the process of internal communicators sharing content on behalf of leaders.

Post On Behalf Of has been met with mixed reactions from Yammer community managers. On one hand, the feature ensures communicators can guarantee a regular flow of updates from leaders. On the other hand, best practice for enterprise social has always been to encourage authentic sharing to encourage a culture of transparency and honesty.

The ‘Draft for’ feature available in Workplace from Facebook also has similar implications.

Please join us for a free session to unpack ‘Post On Behalf Of’, including a panel discussion with industry experts to discuss the pros and cons of the feature update.


  • Introduction to Post On Behalf Of and tutorial
  • Post On Behalf Of best practice insights and impact of leadership engagement
  • Panel discussion with collaboration experts and Microsoft MVPs, Rebecca Jackson & Simon Terry
  • How to measure the impact on leadership engagement

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