My August of Art – Week 4

I reflect on the last week of ‘entries’ in my sketchbook and I see lockdown. Each day is like a little aspect of what it’s like for me living in Melbourne right now.

This week I cared a little less about being broad with my stationery choices. I had a lot happening, so tended to go back to tools which were more comfortable, or just in front of me. Even so, I like some of what I see. I also see an unintentional story.

Folded 22.8.20 Pencil, Pigma Micron, Origami Paper

I started folding cranes with Origami paper I had pulled out for a collage. I started folding cranes when I was 7 or 8. It was an obsession for a while. Despite the fact I can fold many in a row without even thinking about it, I still screw up the fold every now and then.

1 hour in the rain
1 hour in the rain 23.8.20 Copic Ciao

In Melbourne, lockdown rules mean we can exercise outside for 1 hour a day. It was raining this day, but it actually worked out nicely because everyone else stayed inside and I could walk freely around the park.

In the weeds
In the weeds 24.8.20 Sharpie

I enjoy drawing botanical patterns, and it felt like a bit of a cheat until I applied the theme. Definitely feeling like I am in the weeds this week.

Online conference set up
Online Conference Set-up 25.8.20 Pigma Micron and Copic Ciao

Not my first online conference this year, but the first one where I can compare a previous in-person experience. I sketchnoted sessions on paper because the digital set up to get the full experience was pretty intense.

Birthday boy
Birthday Boy 26.8.20 Pigma Micron and Crayola

It was my little brothers birthday. He is in Perth so I am not always with him on his birthday, but birthdays seem harder at the moment. Here he is 4 and I am 10.

24 hours inside
24 hours inside 27.8.20

When I realised I had not left the apartment all day… I wondered what it would look like as a graphic.

Iso-nails 28.8.20 Faber-Castell Pencils F, B, 2B, 6B

I usually cut my nails super short, even if I get them manicured. This is my second round of iso-nails. They rarely get this long.

Grow your own
Grow your own 29.8.20

I got a kit to grow my own mushrooms at home, inspired by a few people who have done it. I have been wanting to use this paint pencil for a which I got in a stationery box with an awesome brush which has it’s own water well. Also… feeling like a mushroom, squishy and stuck indoors.

  • 2 more days of the month to go
  • 3 more pages to fill
  • Front cover
  • Back cover
  • Inside covers

No messing about, got to get this in the mail before September 15.

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