My August of art – Week 2

Fourteen pages finished and I am feeling the benefits of daily practice after moving past some damage to a couple of the drawings.

Each day I am thinking of something that represents my day, or was in some way significant or interesting. Then I pick a medium, attempting to try something different every day (because I have a shit load of stationery to use).

When finished, the book (which was a wonderful gift from a friend) will be sent off to be part of The Sketchbook Project.

Day sleep
Day Sleep 15.8.20 Staedtler Mars Lumograph 100 8B

Saturday in bed with a bit of a hangover, surrounded by books and the faces in my dreams.

Spray 9.8.20 Uni Posca Paint Marker Silver

I used hair spray as a fixative on some of my drawings. Rookie mistake I forgot about the bleed through and damaged a few of them. At least I have the original pics.

10.8.20 Pain Stabilo poin 88 fine 0,4

Having some back issues and seized it up over the weekend. Thoracic spine, 6th ribs.

Waiting 11.8.20 Prismacolor Premier

Checking the mailbox every day for deliveries and letters. Often empty, or just junk.

Tele-health 12.8.20 Origami paper

Lockdown means tele-health. A meeting with my exercise physiologist on the floor of my spare room / study / office / exercise room.

Kiwi 13.8.20 Faber-Castell Polychromos

Unexpected extra fruit in our grocery delivery resulted in some creative cookery.

45c 14.8.20 Sharpie

A card in the mail from a friend. Some familiar stamps from my pen-pal days. Postage in Australia was 45c from 1992-2002. It is now $1.10 to send a letter.

I realised this week that by ‘forcing’ the practice of drawing every day, even if I wasn’t happy with the result, was giving me a helpful outlet and encouraging more creative thinking.

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