My August of art – Week 1

After months of procrastination and creative blocks, stuck on the idea that I needed to create something worthy of the task I finally put pen to paper in my Sketchnote Project notebook.

I had several ideas for themes. I wrote about The pressure of the blank page back in February in the hope that it would it would spark my motivation. It didn’t.

With the deadline looming I decided that I would do a page a day in August. The notebook has 32 page so that worked out well. And rather than random subjects I chose to treat it like a visual diary. Which has turned out to be a challenging but therapeutic exercise during the COVID lockdown in Melbourne.

When finished, the book (which was a wonderful gift from a friend) will be sent off to be part of The Sketchbook Project.

Envelopes 1.8.20 Pigma Micron

During lockdown I have been journalling, and writing letters as a way of getting away from the screen.

Not them
Not them 2.8.20 Crayola Crayon

My sister moved back to Perth with her fiance recently. I thought I saw them in our local park, but it wasn’t them.

Five km
Five km 3.8.20 Neuland markers

New lockdown restrictions in Melbourne mean that (with few exceptions) we cannot travel more than 5 kilometres from our home, or spend more than an hour a day outside for exercise.

Swirling 4.8.20 Oil Pastels

A rough day, so I just put down what was on my mind.

Red red
Red Red 5.8.20 Wine and Brush Marker

Enjoying a bottle of red and lamenting a lack of inspiration.

Nigiri 6.8.20

Treated myself to a huge bento for lunch. I miss Japan.

Accidentally Shane
Accidentally Shane 7.8.20 Pen 0.7 Medium Tip

Wanting to do something quick on a Friday night I went free-form and accidentally sketched my husband as I saw him emerging from the scribbles.

If there is a theme to this week it would have to be ‘shaking out the cobwebs’. It felt good to be drawing again, but it was far from effortless.

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